Food Quality and Safety
Line checks worth doing.
A national QSR uses Purview for rich line checks that coach employees and capture detailed data for quality, safety, and readiness metrics.
Purview is a powerful platform to drive business value through modern food quality and safety workflows.
Purview is a powerful platform to drive business value through modern food quality and safety workflows.
Achieve quality and consistency
Use a food item block from the template library or design a custom one that perfectly highlights key criteria for your brand.
Reduce training costs
Make enhanced training content accessible within the workflow so even new team members can understand how each item should look and taste.
Enterprise flexibility
Large operations often come with special challenges, from different operating hours or food items that vary by location or change day to day. Connect Purview to your source of truth — from a data warehouse to Google Sheets — and your digital line check experience can be perfect every time.
Leverage manager intuition with dynamic workflows
Some customers vary menu based on the expected sales volume. Use Purview to create an EOD Review for a manager to preview your sales forecast and enable or disable food items for the next day’s line check.
Capture proof of quality
Use Purview to capture images or video of different items based on the day of week, time of day, and more.
Temperature control
Robust temperature questions support traditional or Bluetooth thermometers as well as custom corrective actions. Leverage SMS alerts for especially sensitive items.
Automate facilities or culinary follow-up
Notify HQ staff when specific food items or equipment aren’t quite right.
Real time visibility
Line check results, including photos and temperatures, can be e-mailed to a regional manager upon completion and are always available for review later in the dashboard.
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Modernize your operation with Purview.

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